AstroTurf Unveils Recycling Program

Company says all elements of a synthetic field can be recycled.

August 20, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

AstroTurf, a Dalton, Ga.-based company, has begun recycling synthetic turf. The company says that it has become the first vertically integrated manufacturer of the synthetic turf to fully recycle the turf fields.

Under AstroTurf’s recycling program, specialized machinery removes the infill when a field is being replaced. Afterward, the field is cut into strips, rolled up and shipped to AstroTurf’s recycling facilities in Dalton. There the rolls are ground up, melted into pellets and re-extruded into new plastics.  

According to the company, AstroTurf’s step forward revolves around the components of the fields that can be recycled—all elements of the field are recycled (including the backing, secondary coating, tall pile polyethylene fibers, and the nylon RootZone).

Post-consumer uses for synthetic turf include pallets and other industrial applications.  

Bryan Peeples, AstroTurf’s president, says, “Bringing sustainable solutions to our customers has always been an important AstroTurf goal. We are proud to introduce this groundbreaking environmental initiative and to lead the industry by example once again.”