Pennsylvania contractor purchases asphalt recycling machine

Associated Paving Contractors says portable unit will help it recycle material anywhere.

April 25, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Pavement Recyclers LLC, a Connecticut-based distributor of Bagela asphalt recyclers, parts and accessories in the United States and Caribbean, has announced that the Pennsylvania-based contracting firm Associated Paving Contractors has purchased a Bagela Model BA 1000F recycler.

Pavement Recyclers says the portable, self-contained unit is able to produce recycled material/asphalt anywhere. The company notes that on-site production can yield about one ton of recycled material every seven minutes, and the recycler is able to receive chucks of paving and/or millings, producing material that can be transferred directly to the paver, which in return, saves on time, money and hauling/fuel.

Pavement Recyclers notes that by introducing equipment like the Bagela, Model BA10000F Recycler, Associated Paving Contractors is able to remain a top asphalt paving contractor in the eastern counties of Pennsylvania.