AMUT Ecotech to launch mobile ballistic separator

Single-stage machine will be exhibited at WasteExpo 2014.

March 23, 2014
RTGE Staff
Equipment & Products

Amut ballistic separatorAMUT Ecotech, part of Italy's AMUT Group, will exhibit its new SBS 201 single-stage, mobile ballistic separator at WasteExpo 2014 in Atlanta.

AMUT says the new ballistic separator, which can be added to existing lines, is capable of being mounted on a flat-bed trailer.

The company says the SBS 201's hook-lift separator divides materials into three different streams: a flat fraction, comprising polyethylene (PE) film, paper and cardboard; a tube fraction, for containers and cans with a cylindrical shape; and a rejected fraction.

According to AMUT Ecotech, the SMS 201 offers a maximum processing capacity of 5 tons per hour, with conveyor speeds of 60 meters per minute. Standard perforations measure 50 by 50 millimeters, but other sizes are available upon request, the company says.

AMUT Ecotech offers several plants and equipment designed to process, screen or transport various material streams, such as compost, refuse derived fuel (RDF), curbside collections, paper, electronics, plastic, glass and tires.

AMUT Group has also a special division dedicated to the manufacture of recycling and full
wash plants for PET bottles and HDPE containers.

According to AMUT, washed PET (polyethylene terepthalate) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) flakes from its processing lines are almost comparable to virgin PET and consequently may be suitable for “bottle to bottle” and "bottle to packaging" applications.

The company's product line also includes its de-labeller, which removes sleeves from bottles, and its friction washer, which eliminates contaminants from the PET flakes or bottles.