Allu bucket screener helps reclaim soil in Florida city

Allu bucket screener helps reclaim soil in Florida city

City of Kissimmee, Florida, uses device to reclaim and redeploy dirt and soil.

August 1, 2017
CDR Staff
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The City of Kissimmee, Florida, has taken delivery of a Transformer Screener Crusher bucket attachment with a top screen made by Teterboro, New Jersey-based Allu Group.


According to an Allu Group press release, Kissimmee’s Public Works Department will use the attachment with its hybrid loader to screen rocks and trash out of dirt, saving the city and taxpayers money by reclassifying the dirt into suitable material for use in maintaining the city’s infrastructure.


In February 2017, Kissimmee posted an invitation for bids to purchase a screener/crusher bucket for its 2014 John Deere 644K Hybrid Loader. The city specified that the unit must be an Allu bucket – or its equal – with quick release, working with the Deere loader’s existing coupler.


Based on the city’s specifications, the bucket is required to process and load a wide variety of material types in numerous applications. The Allu DSH 3-23-16/32 TS Screener Crusher Bucket with top screen capabilities exceeded the city’s required specifications, winning the bid, according to Allu Group.


ALLU Group offers a line of screening, crushing and soil stabilizing equipment and attachments for the asphalt, compost, environmental, recycling, green waste, demolition, mining and pipeline industries.