Asphalt Drum Mixers Expands Product Line

Four portable and stationary recycling systems offered.

July 31, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc., Huntertown, Ind., (ADM) is offering four models of portable and stationary recycling systems designed to enhance the cost-efficiency of asphalt plants. ADM notes that recycle systems allow plants to use milled material in hot mix asphalt (HMA). Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) is typically less expensive than virgin aggregate, resulting is a less expensive finished product that maintains the quality level of a pure virgin aggregate mix, according to the company.

ADM’s recycle bins are a 15-ton capacity and are continuously welded at the seams. The bins contain angle irons and midsection stiffeners for reinforcement, and their steeply sloped sidewalls prevent material from plugging or bridging. A tapered discharge opening leads to the direct-drive belt feeder with a 5-horsepower motor, multi-ply belt, self-cleaning tail pulley and adjustable skirt boards.

To transfer RAP from the bin, the recycle system includes a heavy-duty weigh conveyor that features a channel frame and wind shroud protection for accurate weighing. The conveyor is 2-feet wide and, depending on the model, between 45- and 65-feet long. It introduces RAP to the dried aggregate mix after the heating process. Based on conditions and type of plant, up to 50 percent of the HMA can contain recycled pavement.

Portable units feature a heavy-duty I-beam frame on a gooseneck trailer with a fifth-wheel kingpin hitch, single axle and air brakes. The trailer includes hinged support legs and a hydraulically controlled incline conveyor.
An optional lump breaker is available for ADM’s recycling systems to break down large pieces of RAP into a useable size. It features an adjustable steel breaker plate and replaceable tungsten-tipped teeth, and is powered by a 30-horsepower, high-efficiency motor with an open-mesh covered V-belt drive. Single- and double-deck scalping screens are also available to ensure oversized material does not enter the aggregate mix. Other options include air cannons, grizzlies, bin extensions, adjustable legs with sand shoes, and a skid with bolt-on support legs.