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Liebherr April 27, 2012

Liebherr, based in Bulle, Switzerland, and with a U.S. office in Newport News, Va., has introduced its repositioned series of telescopic handlers. Four versions will now be available: the TL 441–10, TL 441–13, TL 451–10 and TL 451–13. Like the previous models, they have maximum lifting heights of either 10 or 13 meters, but their maximum load capacities have been considerably increased, to 4.1 and 5 tonnes.
All the new models feature Liebherr’s innovative boom profile, with what the company says are extra-generous cross-section and input of forces at the edges for high rigidity when exposed to torsional loads. According to Liebherr, due to their optimal center of gravity, the new telescopic handlers are designed to offer excellent stability and to generate unusually high lifting force during both lifting and loading movements. The company says the two lifting rams located at the sides of the boom avoid stresses even when lifting heavy loads, and help to ensure long, trouble-free operating life. They also considerably increase the breakout force available at the working equipment, Liebherr adds.
These Liebherr telescopic handlers are powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder inline engine with an output of 74 kW (101 hp). A separate charge-air intercooler and oil cooler is fitted. The cooling fan is controlled electronically, so that the rate of cooling is varied according to demand, by sensing the outside temperature and the work being undertaken by the machine, the company says. According to Liebherr, the optimal interaction of the hydrostatic travel gear and the diesel engine keeps fuel consumption to a minimum, in particular when frequent changes of direction have to be made. The handler’s demand-related Load Sensing Control promotes economical working and minimum loads on components, by ensuring that the power hydraulics pump always delivers only the precise amount of oil needed, the company says.

More information is available at www.liebherr.com.


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