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Sterling May 28, 2009
Sterling is introducing its newest line of single shaft shredders. The SXS1500, SXS2000 and SXS3000 Single Shaft Shredders are available with three different rotor types for flexible processing. Each rotor is equipped with square cutters (60 mm) for efficient cutting and are reversible for quick changes. Built rugged for demanding and specialized applications, the SXS series provides reduced heat build up and degradation and offers an abrasion resistant rotor for longer life. The SXS, with dual motor driven, provides even horsepower displacement on both ends of the rotor and is available with two speed ram hydraulics. Second stage granulation can be easily configured as an option. Serrated ram plates hold the product into the rotor, making processing large awkward pieces easier. A sturdy "swing-style" ram minimizes space and allows product to fall into the rotor, outboard mounted bearings reduce contamination and features a large 29.5" (750 mm) diameter rotor for positive ingestion. Bolted in cutter seats allow for easy removal and maintenance. The low speed rotor (54 rpm) transmits high cutting torque for tough applications. Sterling always offers full technical support and 24-hour on-call service. Also, Sterling offerings include cooling equipment, granulation, and automation. For more information go to www.sterlco.com.


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