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5900 and 500-H Disc Chipper



Peterson Corp. July 30, 2009
A growing number of specialized biomass applications require short fiber thin wood chips. These include the wood pellet industry, co-milling with coal and certain gasification processes. Peterson's 5900 chipper and 5000H model delimber, debarker chipper can now be readily adapted to produce uniform chips as short as 0.25 inches and 0.08 inches thick. Wood chips need to be a consistent thickness for uniform process control in a digester or dryer. Short fiber length is especially important if the chips will be further reduced in a hammermill. If low bark and ash are requirements, the Peterson 5000H can achieve less than 1 percent bark content in many conditions. The Peterson 4800 stand alone flail debarker can also be paired with the 5900 disc chipper for low bark applications.


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