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Introduction to Plastics Recycling

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By V. Goodship, Warwick University | ISBN 978-1-84735-085-5| Published by Rapra Technology Limited, 2007| Hardback | 173pp

Although recycling has a very long history, it is only relatively recently that environmental protection and waste management issues have come to the forefront of both public and political awareness. The removal of plastics from both the wastes streams and from landfill have since become areas of major interest. Outside the fields of expertise, generally little is known about either plastics or their recyclability. A number of specialist books are available, however, none has addressed the need to introduce the pertinent principles at an introductory level.

This book provides straightforward information on plastic materials and technology. It then expands on this information to cover the options for recycling plastics, with special focus on mechanical recycling. It touches on all the major problems associated with recovering and recycling plastics at a level intended to be accessible to any reader with an interest in this field, whatever their background. It also looks at some of the broader issues surrounding successful waste management of plastics.

Key Features...

  • Clear, easy to understand text
  • Written for a broad audience both within and outside the polymer industry
  • Good introduction to plastic materials and technology with useful illustrations
  • Explains recycling terminology, technology and material quality issues
  • Provides an overview of current recycling routes

    About the author...Vannessa Goodship is a Senior Research Fellow at Warwick University. She has acted as co-ordinator for the UK Polymer Recycling Network for several years and has hands on experience in polymer processing. She has a background in industry and has published work on the recycling of mixed plastic waste and automotive shredder residue by co-injection moulding.

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