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Handbook of Plastics Recycling

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Edited by F. La Mantia | ISBN 1-85957-325-8 | Published Rapra Technology Limited, 2002 | Paperback | 442 pp

Over the past 20 years recycling of plastics has increased dramatically. This is important not only from the environmental point of view (less landfill space is needed) but also from the economic point of view because recycling allows energy and materials to be reused. This book discusses some of the state-of-the-art techniques of recycling post-consumer plastic materials and focuses on mechanical recycling, chemical recycling and energy recovery.

This book is intended for all those who are interested in recycling of post consumer plastic waste. Although, this book discusses technical aspects of recycling, the Authors have endeavored to make this book easily understandable to anyone interested in the subject. This book enables the reader to gain a thorough grounding in all the subjects discussed and each chapter has a bibliography to allow follow up of subjects of interest. This book provides an invaluable resource for those already working in the field or for those just starting out in recycling.

Chapter Titles

  1. Structures and Properties of Commonly Recycled Polymers
  2. Fundamentals of Degration and Stabilization of Polymers
  3. Additives
  4. Methods of Pre-Treatment
  5. Properties-Reprocessing Behavior of Recycled Plastics
  6. Virgin-Recyclied Homopolymer Blends
  7. Upgrading of Recyclied Plastics
  8. Plastics Recycling Machinery
  9. Applications for Recycled Plastics
  10. Chemical Recycling
  11. Energy Recovery from Plastic Materials

About the Editor: Francesco La Mantia graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree  in 1972 and is now Professor of Properties and Processing of Polymers at the University of Palermo. He is the coordinator of the PhD course on Chemical Technology and Advanced Materials. La Mantia is the author of about 200 papers on rheology and processing of polymers, polymer blends and liquid crystal polymer based blends and on polymer recycling. He is also the author of two books on polymer recycling.

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