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Albany implosion attracts attention


Implosion of former hotel attracts onlookers, media attention.

CDR Staff September 3, 2014

At least 1,000 onlookers and several local television news crews observed as a former hotel was taken down via implosion in late August in Albany, New York.

According to a report in the Albany Business Review, at least 1,000 onlookers turned up on Saturday morning, Aug. 23, to watch the implosion of the former Wellington Hotel Annex in Albany.

The actual implosion was preceded by fireworks launched courtesy of the real estate developer, who will build a convention center on the now empty lot, according to the report.

The implosion itself was overseen by Controlled Demolition Inc., Phoenix, Maryland.

Among the news crews recording the implosion of the 11-story building were those from the Albany-Times Union newspaper, whose photos and video clips can be seen here.


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