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Oneway Construction adds shingle recycling service

Asphalt Shingles

Company offers asphalt shingle recycling at its Granite City, Ill., location.

CDR Staff January 26, 2014

Oneway Construction has introduced an asphalt recycling program called Greener Roads at its Granite City, Ill., location.

Under the program, the St. Louis area company will accept loads of tear-off asphalt shingles. The collected shingles will be recycled in what the company calls “a green alternative to dumping in landfills.”

Greener Roads will only accept loads for recycling that are mostly free of metal, wood, plastic, vinyl and other roofing materials such as felt and paper, according to Oneway. However, the company says it will have another container available onsite for miscellaneous materials from tear-off projects. All loads must also be free of asbestos and contain residential asphalt-shingle material only.

The cost to dump a roof load of shingles at the Oneway Construction site is $100. Recycled asphalt shingles can used in some asphalt paving mixtures.

As part of the service, Oneway will provide receipts to comply with green programs offered by some roofing manufacturers. The company also will maintain in-house accounts for frequent customers, it says.


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